I’ve been using the Callwave service for a little over 7 months now and it is excellent. Just a quick recap, Callwave provides a voice-mail service for your mobile phone. It delivers the voice-mail to your email or to your mobile phone, either as an audio file or a translated text or both; pretty handy service for people who are always in the meeting and can’t answer their phone.

Recently I checked out the website and they offer even more service … for free. Get this. With the new service, you can listen in to the voice-mail as they were left by the caller in REAL TIME; just like an answering machine. You can then decide to answer the call or you can just leave it and let the caller leave a message.

CallwaveThey also offer a downloadable program so you don’t have to go their website to check all your messages. And I can say it is amazing. The program alerted me when my friend left a message and I was able to listen in to the message in real time, and at a click of a mouse, I took that call on my computer (I have a built-in microphone) and talked to my friend.

I guess it is VOIP program just like Skype, except that you can call real number … FOR FREE. And you can choose to make the phone call from your computer or from your mobile (the software dials your number and upon connection, will dial the other number.)

I can’t say highly enough of their service. It says free trial but I haven’t paid a penny since I signed up in August 2007.

I will check out their internet fax offering and will review it at a later date. Their new service, dubbed FUZE, is an easy-to-use, personalized communication service that lets you communicate and collaborate in any way, from anywhere, from your computer or your mobile.  Do check it out.

Fuze from Callwave

P.S. This is not a paid review; just a happy customer sharing with his readers. :-p

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