1. It’s a Pyramid Scheme

We’ve all heard this one by now. It all comes down to perception of what you believe it is. No difference from the democrat vs the republican, or the good vs the evil. Everyone have their own opinion.

2. It’s a Ponzi Scheme

Way too many schemes to remember by now.

3. I Don’t Know How to Sell

Who says you have to sell anything? I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t. Each person has their own way of doing network marketing. How was that last job interview you had? Was that not a sales pitch?

4. I Don’t Have The Money

You want to own your own business but you do not want to pony up a little start up cost to invest in your own business? I guess some people like to aim big with a $500,000 investment to start a McDonald’s.

5. I Don’t Have The Time

You want to be financially free but you are not willing to spare a little time to build your own future?

6. It’s Too Late To Join

It’s never too late to do anything.

7. Some People Are Making Money Off of Me

Do you think the company you work for doesn’t? How about the vending machine that charges you $1.50 for a can of diet Coke? It’s not exclusive only to people. Machine is making money off of you too. Well, actually the machine belongs to someone but you get the point. The sooner you break out of this feeling, the sooner you will get to where you want to be.

8. I Won’t Make Any Commissions

Says who?

9. Only People At The Top Make Money

And they should. They put the time and effort to build their business. But not everyone at the top make money. Some don’t. Just as not everyone at the bottom do not make any money because a lot of them do.

10. I’m Not Interested

What more could I say?

I am sure I’ll get plenty of hate for this article but it is what it is. Flame away …

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