Today is my last day at my hometown and I have one more place to visit for my charity. It’s Harapan Jaya Children Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. It’s located in an outskirt area of town.

I called Sister Xaveria, the person in charge, to prepare for our visit. We arrived around 4.15 in the afternoon. Sister Xaveria was there to greet us. I was here once a few years ago. If memory serves me correctly, I don’t remember it being that crowded. According to her, there are about 130+ children under their care including the one who are waiting for surgery. (There are adults under their care as well) There are 2 doctors at the hospital who perform surgery twice a year. Once in January or February and another one in August or September.

Most of the children are less-able (I don’t want to use the word disabled to describe them because they are capable of doing things average people do, sometimes even better). There are children in wheel chairs, on crutches, and some even have to lay in bed with weights tied to their body.

We went around the area distributing cookies and biscuits to the patients. We walked from room to room, talking to some of them along the way. Sister Xaveria showed us the entire place; the kitchen, the room, and even the classrooms. The buildings are pretty well taken care of, although they are a little short on space right now because they have more children than they do bed. We saw some children cleaning and washing the dishes in the kitchen. I am so touched by how well they work together. They take turn daily to do houseworks. It’s nice to see the discipline imposed upon them at such early age.

Since today is Sunday, their afternoon schedule is pretty open. We took the opportunity to talk to some of the patients, to find out where they are from, how long they have been there, etc. Some children have their parents on site. There is one child that has been there for years. I remember seeing her on my last visit, probably back in 2005.

About 90% of the children here do not pay for their care. The hospital was funded by a catholic foundation. They also rely on donations from outside sources. I will put up their contact info here once I get the information so anyone who is interested in donating can contact them directly.

The children look very happy together. According to Sister Xaveria, they find comfort in each other being different from others. I have a different perspective. They are very happy because there are so many people who care for them there at the hospital, not to mention others who spend the time to visit the hospital and play with them. They are blessed and that’s the main reason why they are happy.


1. Laundry Detergent (48 1 kg bag) Rp 729,600

2. Kodomo Tooth Paste for kids (5 dozens) Rp 198,000

3. Pepsodent Tooth Paste (6 dozens) Rp 162,000

4. Sunsilk Shampoo (5 dozens) Rp 342,000

5. Rejoice Shampoo (5 dozens) Rp 360,000

6. Cookies (4 cartons) Rp 340,000

7. Biscuits (2 cartons) Rp 253,000

8. Duncow Milk Honey (4 dozens) Rp 1,440,000

9. Duncow Milk Chocolate (2 dozens) Rp 720,000

Total: Rp 4,544,600

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