Three days ago we visited two senior homes in Tebing Tinggi, a town about an hour away from my hometown.

The first senior home is located inside a Chinese cemetery. We were greeted by the caretaker when we arrived. The home currently hosts about 16 senior citizens; most of whom no longer have a family or known relatives. There are 5 residents who are mentally disabled. We distributed basic foods like rice, cooking oil, biscuits, sugar, chocolate milk, and tea. And to celebrate Chinese New Year 2559, my aunt and my grandma gave away red envelopes to the senior citizens, the caretakers and a few other staffs on site. We distributed 20 packages of food here.

I walked around the senior home to get an idea what life is like within this compound. The common area itself is not bad. However, the rooms where they sleep are small and dark. I wouldn’t say it’s poor but it is definitely below average living condition.

The second senior home is located within a Buddhist temple. There are 34 senior citizens currently being taken care of there. Some are victims of the Tsunami. We donated 38 packs of food here along with the red envelope each from my aunt and my grandma. There are some children who live in the temple as well.

There are only 5 rooms in this facility. Each room is shared between 7 – 8 people. They sleep on a mat on a raised platform. The living condition in this senior home is better although having about 8 people to a room does seem a bit cramp. According to the monk in charge, they will try to expand the facility at some point so it can accommodate more people in the future. Before leaving, I took the time to pray.


1. Rice Rp 2,437,500

2. Cooking Oil Rp 787,500

3. Sugar Rp 487,500

4. Sweey Soy Sauce Rp 225,000

5. Biscuits Rp 262,500

6. Milk Rp 412,500

7. Instant Chocolate Milk Rp 196,000

8. Tea Rp 435,500

9. Plastic Bags Rp 34,000

Total: Rp 5,278,000 (US$ 570.59)

In all, we had about 75 packages of food to be donated. We donated 58 in total today. Julie will be donating the remaining 17 packages to the locals.

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