American FlagToday is a big day in American Politics with Democrat Primary takes places in Texas and Ohio (along with Vermont and Rhode Island) that could decide the future of America. Today’s result might hand the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama. Although I am not a citizen, having lived in US for the past 13 years, I think I have earned the privilege to chip in my two cents because the outcome of this election will directly affect my life.

When I first came to US for my education in 1995, a few years removed from the first Gulf War, I did not know what to expect. Would I like the country? Would I like the people? How about the culture? Sure, there was a small fear that thing might not work out for me. As it turned out, all my fears were unfounded. I had the best of time in college. I met a lot wonderful people (Americans and others alike) who I have befriended for as long as I remember, some who I regard as my own family.

I was proud to be apart of it, to be in America and be apart of what the Americans are all about. Their spirit of giving and helping made me realize there are more to America then just the bombs and the missiles. America is not about its government and its ambition of world domination. America is about its people and their ideas on how to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. That’s the America the rest of the world did not get to see. That’s the America I saw and I knew and I have grown to love.

Then 9/11 came along and changed everything. It changed the way we live our life. It changed how we talk. It changed how we think and act. It changed how we dream. One good thing came out of it was the country was on one united front. Then Iraq war came along and the country changed from one country united to one country divided. I haven’t seen so much hatred in my entire life. Americans hate each other and the rest of the world hate Americans.

I see how fear can take the best of people. I see how evil a war can be. I hope there won’t be another war of any kinds in my lifetime. I am so ashamed of what people have become. Go ahead and criticize and say leave the country if I hate it so much. I don’t hate America. I have grown to love the people I have came across. How could I ever possibly hate it?

I think we have lost our identity along the way. We need a change. We demand a change. We need a candidate who can unite the country. The country is desperately in need of someone who can do just that. This is not about politic or economy or immigration or foreign policy. It’s about humanity. Let the spirit of 9/11 unite us once again.

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