Today marks the first day Windows 7 goes on sale. After 2 years of my love hate relationship with Windows Vista; a product I consider terrible, this is indeed a welcoming news.  Just to show how bad Windows Vista is, Apple Macintosh market share nearly doubled after the Windows Vista release.  And no, I am not switching to Apple.

I hope Windows will gain back its market share with the new Windows 7; which received glowing report from analysts and users alike.  My brother tried the Release Candidate version for a few months and was extremely pleased with the performance and the overall improvement over the Windows Vista and XP.

At this point, I am still contemplating on whether to upgrade or to just buy a new notebook. I am hoping for the latter but it will happen one way or another.

In the mean time, Microsoft has released a few videos promoting Windows 7 and touted the product as users’ ideas; pretty clever commercial if they want to connect with average Joe computer user. I like Steven’s HomeGroup ad the best.

Jack’s Snap

Steven’s HomeGroup


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