Barack Obama 08

I have been following the Democratic Party campaign trail in the last couple of weeks with its twist and turn and I have to say it’s not pretty. I despise negative campaign and I guess I don’t have to say which candidate is guilty of that. Why can’t each candidate campaign on the social and economic issues? Economy, foreign policy, immigration, health care, education. Life is not only about War and Terrorism. Are they not important? Sure they are but so are all the issues that we are facing today.

I believe in a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

And I refuse to have my life be intimidated by the fear of terrorist attack or how we should bring the war there so they can’t bring the war here. I don’t buy into any of that. I have always believed in democracy but how can we call it democracy if we force it on others? That is what I call ‘The Hypocrisy of Democracy’.

I am supporting a candidate who I believe will bring a change to this country, who stands up for values I believe in, and who will lead this country to its rightful place of being the greatest nation on earth once again. I want to be part of the generation that will redefine and reshape the world as we know it. I want a president who will not only be the president of this country, but also someone who the rest of the world can see as a uniting figure of the chaotic world. We can’t pretend we only live in our own little world, because the truth is we are citizen of the world. We have a duty and responsibility as its citizen to care for each other and to preserve the place we live in.

We better start acting like a leader and stop being a bully. We need to make amend of all the atrocities we have committed around the world. We need to put a stop to money politics and start caring about the people and the environment. I want a president who offers me HOPE and not FEAR. I want a president who believes in PEACE and not WAR. I want a president who looks to the FUTURE and not PAST. I want a president who UNITE and not DIVIDE.

And that candidate is BARACK OBAMA.

I will be home in San Francisco in less than two weeks. I will be more pro-active in helping his campaign raise the money. After all I recently gained the experience of raising funds for my charity work in Indonesia. I also made my first-ever political contribution to his campaign. A dear friend of mine who lives in Northern Minnesota is doing her part helping out the campaign. I am sure I’ll get in touch with her to see how we can work together about bringing the change we crave by helping Barack Obama win the Democratic Presidential Nominee and ultimately win the general election in November. We Can Change The World.

I am ready for the change. YES, WE CAN! SI, SE PUEDE!

YES WE CAN – Barack Obama Video

WE ARE THE ONES by – Barack Obama Video

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